Welcome to White Stone

White Stone is situated in one of the most beautiful and spectacular locations on the island of Lefkas, surrounded by a pristine pine and age-long olive tree forest and overlooking the Ionian sea.

This quiet, peaceful, almost dreamy, environment is ideal for couples seeking a romantic escape but also for families with children on summer vacation. It offers easy access to the most popular beaches on the island while at the same time remaining secluded and exclusive to our guests.

White Stone was conceived and brought to life with the idea in mind of providing a unique experience and with the utmost care for the surrounding environment.

Where we are

White Stone Ionian Houses villas are located near the picturesque village of Aghios Nikitas, on the west coast of Lefkas island, Greece.

Contact Us

White Stone Ionian Houses
Aghios Nikitas, Lefkas island, Greece
Phone: +30 699 7600081