Lefkada or Lefkas is one of the most attractive islands of the Ionian Sea, situated on the central part of it between Corfu and Kefalonia and very close to mainland Greece.

Celebrated for its wild beauty, it has become a very popular summer vacation destination. The island’s landscape combines a mountainous forested terrain with white sandy or pebbled beaches and crystal waters. However, despite its popularity, the island has kept its local color and its natural environment unspoiled.

How to get to Lefkas

You can drive to the island as it is connected to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge, allowing easy transportation regardless of weather conditions. You can also travel to Lefkas by airplane. The airport of Aktion (Preveza) is 20 Km away from the city of Lefkas, while the airports of Ioannina and Corfu are easily accessible.

Lefkas city offers a wide selection of traditional shops, restaurants, bookstores, local pastry & coffee shops and pure dairy products and local specialties. Furthermore, numerous bars around the large marina provide a fun time and lively night life to those who want it.

Foreign press, banks and ATMs, pharmacies, a hospital, a post office and a police station are also available in the main city.

These are some useful telephones that you might need during your stay at Lefkada.

  • International Code: 0030
  • Area Code: 26450
  • Lefkada Port Authority: 22322
  • Olympic Airlines – Lefkada: 22881
  • Olympic Airlines – Athens: 2109666666
  • Bus Service (ΚΤΕΛ) – Lefkada: 22364
  • Bus Service (ΚΤΕΛ) – Athens: 2105150108
  • Bus Service (ΚΤΕΛ) – Thessaloniki: 2310595439
  • Taxi – Lefkada: 24600
  • Taxi – Nydri: 92000
  • Lefkada General Hospital: 38200
  • Tourist Police: 29379
  • Lefkada Police Department: 100 / 29350-29351
  • Fire Department: 22555
  • Postal Service (ΕΛΤΑ): 24225
  • Archaeological Museum: 21635

Lefkas Beaches

While staying at the White Stone it is very easy to visit all the popular beaches of the island such as Agios Nikitas, Mylos, Kathisma, Kalamitsi, Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Nydri, Lygia, Nikiana, Vasiliki and Agios Ioannis.

It owes its name, which means “white stone”, to the extensive white-pebbled beaches that dot the island.